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MyCoachOnline Background

Video Streaming.

Because people like to laugh, need to learn and love to feel good.

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Video is an amazing internet tool...but it is a double edged sword.

Poorly deployed video will alienate your customers and you will lose sales. Done well, video will help you forge personal relationships with people you've never met, and they will in turn develop confidence in you and your abilities to deliver the product you are selling.

We've been streaming video since 1998 with our MyCoachOnline (our flagship website), since then we've learned a lot about producing and delivering video. We learned so much in fact that we were picked by Apple Computer as a "QuickTime Hot Pick Website", mentioned by Walt Mossburg in the Wall Street Journal and we've been written about in numerous publications. Video is our heart and soul.

In the beginning, a website that incorporated video was very complicated. Then youtube arrived and it got simple. Today websites must be designed responsively so incorporating video has again become more complicated.

Is web video on your mind? Do you have old training videos you need streamed? Do you need product demonstrations produced? A live broadcast? Need a Pay-Per-View seminar? No matter where you are in your thought process, contact me and we can discuss your needs.

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